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5 Things All Christians Should Be Paying Attention To

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Published Nov 10, 2023
5 Things All Christians Should Be Paying Attention To

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will (Romans 12:2).

There is a lot going on these days. A lot! Quite honestly, it can be overwhelming and really hard to decide what should convict us and move against the grain and react, and what should give us great pause. Then again, it may bring up the question of just how to react and respond to certain issues and topics.

Friend, the rabbit hole is deep and all-consuming. Just scroll through social media or hop on the internet for a brief moment and you’ll find that you are quickly bombarded with tragic news and truly heart-wrenching situations. It’s in our face, right in front of us, on the daily. It’s upsetting to say the least.

While there are multiple verses that command us not to worry about anything and to overcome our concerns with prayer (Philippians 4:6), we can still easily bend toward our human nature and fall into fear, worry, or anxiety, especially when certain issues weigh so heavily on our hearts.

So, with that in mind, it may be wise to point out that with all the noise out there clamoring for our attention, are there issues that we should deeply care about, maybe even causing us to respond? According to God, yes there is!

Read on and let’s unpack some ethical issues we should truly care about as believers and even some pocket prayers to lean on. While this is not an extensive list and God may lay other issues on our hearts for various reasons, may this be a starting point.

Once you read through these, allow God to stir and move in your life, revealing what He wants you to truly care about in this season of your life. Lastly, pray that He will use you to do a great work for Him out of a heart of compassion.

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1. Spreading the Gospel

1. Spreading the Gospel

Our world is in desperate need of hope and healing. That isn’t hard to see. The good news is that we, as followers of Christ, have “the antidote!”

Unfortunately, we can get hung up on the right delivery and how to spread the good news that it halts us from actually following through and sharing our faith and the news of our awesome God.

We must understand that this is a big issue to care about! Our hearts should be hurting and truly broken for those who don’t know Jesus.

The Great Commission is not something to be taken lightly (Matthew 28:16-20), but rather something that should weigh so heavily on our hearts that we earnestly seek out those who need to hear the good news.

We can easily share the gospel in three ways:

  • Share our testimony, and how God is moving in our lives.
  • Listen to their story and respond in grace.
  • Build trust and allow God into those conversations giving opportunities to plant a seed.

Father, I ask that You soften my heart to those that need to hear of Your amazing and unfailing love. Place those people in my path and grant me the courage to share my story and listen to theirs. I invite You presence into those conversations. Amen.

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woman upset reading bible

2. God’s Commandments and Promises

As God’s children, it is crucial that we fully know and follow His commandments and laws. While we don’t do this to receive His blessings or gain freedom (which are great rewards for following Christ), ultimately our obedience is an invitation to connect with God on a deeper level and to know Him and His character.

Our God is a God of love. He tells us that keeping His commandments and trusting His promises is an act of love and submission (John 14:15).

God essentially puts “rules” in place for our protection and personal growth, just as we do for our own children. Not only that, but He gives us so many promises to etch hope within the walls of our hearts.

His promise to be with us (Joshua 1:5), to take care of our needs (Philippians 4:19), to strengthen us (Deuteronomy 31:6), to work everything out for good (Romans 8:28), and to give us eternal life (John 3:16), just to name a few!

We must strive to know the Word of God and His commands, especially as we live in a society that is twisting and conforming the Word to meet their own selfish needs. Stand firm and live boldly with conviction and humility.

Gracious God, thank you so much for giving us the safety and protection of Your commandments. May we humbly submit to Your will and way. It is with a sincere heart that we also acknowledge and praise You for the abundance of Your faithfulness and promises. You are such a good, good Father. Amen.

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Flag of Israel

3. The Nation of Israel

The Bible is clear — God loves Israel, and there are several reasons why we should care about this nation as well. For starters, it began with a covenant with Abraham and his descendants, trickling all the way to us!

God had promised that Abraham would be a Father of many nations (Genesis 12:1; Genesis 15:19-21; Genesis 17:1-7). Furthermore, God said He would bless him and the Jewish people, His chosen people (Deuteronomy 7:6-8).

The connection between Jews and Gentiles has always been spiritually intertwined. Our Christian roots were founded by the Jews, our Bible is a Jewish book, our Savior was indeed Jewish, and God’s eternal purpose is to bless the world, through Israel (John 4:22).

Paul tells us in Romans 9:6-8 that God will not fail to keep His promises, however, just being a descendant of Abraham isn’t nearly enough to be added into the family of God.

That comes with submitting our lives to Him. That being said, our hearts must ache for the Jewish people and for their salvation.

As tensions heat up in the war on Israel, we can use this as a time to earnestly seek our Father in vigilant prayer, asking for His faithfulness to land once again upon His chosen people.

Heavenly Father, thank you for promise, prophecy, long-suffering, and continued effort to protect Your people of Israel. We pray for the repentance, reconciliation, and salvation of Your chosen people. We ask that Your give us a heart for Israel and a spirit of compassion, grace, and supplication. Amen.

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Hands of all races raised in front of a map of the world

4. All Life Matters

God is not partial, nor does He have favorites. He may value all life because He created all things (from bacteria to humans) for a specific purpose along with a plan that was intended for good.

However, being His most prized possession (1 John 3:1), the love that God has for us is immeasurable. We are precious in His sight and the beautiful exchange of love we can give and receive by being in His presence is beyond compare.

That said, as believers, we should value all life, especially human life, being that we were made in His image (Genesis 1:27). God tells us that this life is a gift, regardless of the happenstances that we encounter here.

Knowing that life can be hard we must live out God’s love, compassion, gentleness, and peace (Galatians 5:22) and show a hostile world that we value all lives and they all matter, from the unborn to the elderly.

Current humanitarian issues that we should care deeply about and diligently pray about are the debates that surround abortion, the threats of innocent lives in war crossfires, and the unreached and lost souls that need Jesus.

Thank you, Lord, that You value and deeply care about each and every life. We are honored to be created in Your image and with such purpose, giving us meaning as we live out our days. Please help us shed light on the sanctity of life and bring glory to Your name for giving us this life. Amen.

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sillhouette of a family,

5. God’s Design for Family

The family is the foundation for our society and was designed by our God to help us live with purpose and intention. In essence, the family unit is all part of God’s masterful design.

While our culture may hold vastly different views, and our own sinful flesh plays a factor, let’s reveal the biblical principles God put in place for our families, and why we should care so deeply about them.

It all begins with our own unique relationship tethered to God (Mark 12:30-31), seeking His wisdom, will, and way for our lives.

Then comes the covenant and beautiful gift found between one man and one woman when they vow to love one another like Christ and the church (Ephesians 5:22-32).

Once we become parents, our mission by God is clear — to lovingly provide for them and etch the Word of God in their hearts, raising them to be arrows that will be set forth to be warriors for Him (Proverbs 22:6, Psalm 127:3-5).

Each relationship embedded within the family is a blessing and gift. We must understand that God has a hierarchy and purpose for our roles and relationships in order to help us grow closer together and ultimately closer to Him. Let’s abide in Him and trust His plan and design for our families.

Lord, thank you for the remarkable design You set for us within the confines of a family. My we follow Your will and way for our lives, striving to live out each role You so graciously blessed us with purposefully and intentionally. We are so humbled and honored to be a part of Your family. Amen.

Dear brothers and sisters, we are currently living in some rather unusual and hostile times, but we must remember that our God is (and always will be) in control. He will never leave or forsake us, just like His promise to Israel.

As you ponder on each of these issues, invite God into the depths of your heart and allow Him to show you areas in your life in which you can show mercy, grace, and compassion.

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Originally published Friday, 10 November 2023.